A visit from The Little Red Dinosaur

We have been reading the story of ‘The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza’ which was about a poor hen who cooked pizza for her friends without any help from them.

This week, we had an exciting visit from The Little Red Dinosaur who had come to sort out The Little Red Hen’s selfish friends!

He arrived with a note saying “I will help you.”

We read what happened in a new version of the story.

We drew pictures of him.


We had a go of writing what his friends said in the book.


We also made our own pizzas and used peppers to make patterns.


In the end, we had to help some of The Little Red Dinosaur’s friends as they were trapped in ice! We used tools to get them out.

Aahil said, “We could smash the ice with the hammer.”

Elin said, “Let’s try a light,” as she knew it was warm. Next she decided, “hot water.”

Our ideas worked! Stanley noticed that the ice had changed, “It’s melted!”

We hope The Little Red Dinosaur will visit again! 🙂

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