Supertato and The Evil Pea!

This week we have been reading the story “Supertato”. We love this story! It is about an evil pea that causes lots of trouble at the supermarket until Supertato saves the day.

But The Evil Pea has been causing trouble in our Nursery too!

He trapped lots of the vegetables and even froze Supertato!We tried to get him out using tools so he could save the vegetables.

We made a jail for the pea and kept Supertato warm using paper towels so he could melt. 

We trapped the peas in red jelly just like in the book!

In the garden, The Evil Pea set a trap for us to climb through.

We also had to squirt the pea with green juice to stop him!

Here is some of the ‘Supertato’ and ‘Evil Pea’ artwork made by Acorn and Oak children.

And a great picture by Miss Dawes!

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